How many of us have been advised by every possible person in our lives that Exercise is the best option to lose weight? Whether it’s a doctor or a mom, we’ve heard this from everyone and quite frankly, we know they’re right. But the issue lies in how to get yourself up and actually doing these crazy exercises. One way to achieve this is to get appropriate motivation. Lay down your objectives down and state why you want to achieve them and till when you want to. Self-control and dedication are extremely important tools here.

Exercising is one of the easiest way to fight over weightiness. The various body movements we do while exercising, burns away fats layer by layer. The best part about this is that not only do you get rid of fats but you also get a healthier body, a strong immune system, better skin, stronger muscles and a lot more medical advantages. There are many exercises for weight loss, however some are extremely hard while others are relatively easy. We will take into consideration some of the easy to do exercises here-


  • Cardio- cardiovascular exercises are your best friends. It includes walking, running, cycling, jumping, dancing, elliptical etc., basically whatever that makes your heart go in a frenzy. The rapid beating of your heart will pump blood up into clogged parts of your body and the relative friction of activity forces fats to burn on its own.
  • Squats and Lunges- These target your hips and thighs, the part of your body which needs immediate attention right now. Begin with simple squats and lunges, and slowly add weights to the exercise.
  • Pushups- These can be hard for you in the beginning, so to start off with, kneel on the ground and then do the body pushup. It not only strengthens your arms and chest but also melts away fats from that area.
  • Jumping Jacks- This is a fun High Intensity Exercise that immediately jumps off your heart in a frenzy. Extremely advantageous and fun in doing.
  • Crunches- They target your abdominal area. Do as much as you can and continue them every day.
  • Upper body exercises like Pull ups, pull downs, chair dips, lateral raises, and overhead press etc., all aim at muscle building which initiates fat burning in the process. However consult a mentor before adding weights to the regime.
  • Lower Body exercises like wall sits, leg raises, reverse leg raises, lateral jumps, etc., work into toning your lower body. Here weights can be added as per your level of comfort.